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Art No 8400

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Our patented container system for wastewater treatment consists of two separate containers and an ecotech pond.

The first conatiner is our Solid Waste separator container. This conatiner is used for mechanical removal of sludge. SWSC consists of a screen and a Screw Wash Press, which is mounted on the outside of the tank. A sand conveyor is installed in the system. Further, the equipment has a built-in sedimentation tank that separates gravel and stones from the sludge, before it reaches the fine screen.

The second container is our dosage container. The main purpose of the dosage container is to mix the coagulant AVR (Ferric aluminium sulphate) into the waste water. AVR (Ferric aluminium sulphate) is chosen to be the coagulant. A dosage of 250gAVR/m3 is suggested. The wastewater will mix with the coagulants in the container, thereafter it with be go into to the ecotechpond for sedimentation.

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